Cell phone and internet services are essential utilities, but Canadians pay some of the highest prices for mobile wireless and broadband subscriptions in the world

People are being gouged every month, because instead of standing up for consumers, Liberal and Conservative governments have left it to industry to set the prices. 

Davenport’s Liberal MP even voted against making cellphone and internet service more affordable. 

Alejandra Bravo and Jagmeet Singh's NDP have a plan for fair and affordable wireless and internet services.

Together, we will:

  • Cap prices cell phone and internet bills and ensure providers offer affordable, basic plans comparable with those available in other countries.
  • End surprise bills by requiring companies to offer unlimited data options at affordable rates.
  • Declare high-speed internet an essential service and make sure that every Canadian has access to affordable, reliable high-speed broadband within four years -- no matter where they live. 
  • Start the process of creating a Crown corporation to ensure the delivery of quality, affordable telecom services to every community.
  • Introduce a Telecom Consumers’ Bill of Rights and put an end to price gouging and protect Canadians from unfair sales practices.

Add your name to support the NDP’s plan for affordable, quality cell phone service and high-speed broadband for all.

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