Cities are at the forefront of the climate crisis. Toronto’s Council must take bold, immediate action to cut carbon pollution, build a sustainable city, and help people and communities adapt to the changing climate.

Fully Fund TransformTO

Toronto's visionary climate strategy will cut emissions to net zero by 2040. But it is not funded. Alejandra will vote to fully-fund Toronto’s climate action plan.

Affordable, Zero-Emission Transit

To encourage more people to take the TTC, we need to stop increasing fares and start making it more affordable to ride the TTC. Alejandra will be a champion for free transit for all and will never vote to increase transit fares. Alejandra will vote to expand RapidTO Bus and streetcar priority lanes to make transit more reliable. And she’ll push to accelerate the TTC’s transition to a zero-emission fleet.

Green our Community

Davenport is at the bottom when it comes to tree canopy coverage. Increasing our tree canopy reduces home cooling costs, reduces the urban heat island effect, and makes communities more livable. Alejandra will push for creative solutions to increase canopy coverage in Davenport, including subsidies for homeowners to re-green paved front yards, increase parkland and green spaces, and invest in our ravines.


More than 50% of Toronto’s emissions come from buildings. To meet our climate goals, we must make retrofitting buildings easier. Alejandra will support scaling up and expanding programs like the Home Energy Loan Program, the Multi-Unit Residential Acquisition (MURA) Program and High-Rise Retrofit Improvement Support (Hi-RIS) Program.

Extreme Weather

A changing climate means more severe weather events. Alejandra will vote to charge polluters a fair stormwater fee that can be re-invested in our community for floodproofing and green infrastructure projects. Alejandra knows that the impacts of climate change are felt disproportionately and will be a champion at City Hall for residents made most vulnerable by extreme weather events. 

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