Housing in Toronto is completely unaffordable for all but a select few. It doesn’t have to be this way. Housing is a human right and should be accessible and affordable for all. In a wealthy city like Toronto, we must invest in solutions that help to ensure every person has a safe, stable, affordable and comfortable place to call home.

Affordable Housing

Toronto is the City’s biggest landlord; our public housing has fallen into disrepair while the waitlist grows by the thousands.

Alejandra will fight for tenants living in Toronto Community Housing by investing in repairs and revitalization, putting tenants’ voices first. And she will work to build more affordable housing through Inclusionary Zoning, use City land for new housing, and support non-profit housing development models.

Fair Development

We need a Councillor who will support building desperately needed housing while ensuring new developments to make sense for the neighbourhood. Whether that is making sure there are more family-sized units, securing parkland for green space or a new off-leash park, or requiring that child care and community resources are available on-site, Alejandra has the experience to work with neighbours to understand their needs and get results. 

We need an advocate for equitable development to protect existing housing units and create standards for development and affordability. With three new SmartTrack stations planned in Davenport, the areas close to the stations will be zoned for new development. As a long-time resident and strong community champion, Alejandra will work to ensure our voices are heard.

Standing Up for Renters

Almost half of all Torontonians are renters. Alejandra will fight for stronger protections from renoviction and unfair rent increases and ensure more rights for tenants. It is time that landlords be held accountable.

Alejandra will advocate for a maximum allowable temperature in all apartments to keep tenants safe as our climate changes and work with tenants’ groups for better protection. 

Sustainable Communities

Alejandra supports making it easier to build ‘gentle density’ like multiplexes, stacked towns, laneway housing and garden suites. We can make our neighbourhoods more vibrant by welcoming new neighbours through affordable housing options that cut down on sprawl and make our city more sustainable. 

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