Housing in Toronto is completely unaffordable for all but a select few. It doesn’t have to be this way. Housing is a human right and should be accessible and affordable for all. In a wealthy city like Toronto, we must invest in solutions that help to ensure every person has a safe, stable, affordable and comfortable place to call home.

Create homes people can afford

Alejandra will take action to end exclusionary zoning, waive City permits and fees to support new affordable housing, and create a dedicated planning team to expedite permits and approvals. She will take action to ensure the use of City-owned land to build new mixed-income affordable housing communities. Her plan is to build affordable homes through inclusionary zoning and support non-profit development models.

Stand up for renters

Almost half of all Torontonians are renters. Alejandra will fight for stronger protections from renoviction and unfair rent increases and ensure more rights for tenants. It is time that landlords be held accountable. Alejandra will also advocate to establish a local bylaw for maximum allowable temperature in all apartments to keep tenants safe as our climate changes and work with tenants’ groups for better protection.

Fair development

Work to ensure new development helps to complete communities. Create more family-sized units. Advocate for greater public communal meeting space and green spaces available to all-children, dogs and for leisure.

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Address: 100 Queen Street West, Suite C42, Toronto, ON M5H 2N2