Every Canadian should have access to the medicines they need.

No one should have to face the impossible choice between paying rent or filling a prescription.

Right now, one in every five Canadians isn’t taking the medicine they need because they can’t afford to pay for it.

Canada is the only industrialized nation that has medicare that doesn’t include universal public coverage for prescriptions.

It has been over two decades since the Liberals promised Canadians pharmacare. They say the right things, but when it comes time to act, the Liberals put the profits of big pharmaceutical and insurance companies ahead of what Canadian families need.

But Canadians are still facing sky-high prescription costs that make it harder to make ends meet.

Alejandra Bravo and Jagmeet Singh's NDP are leading the way on delivering pharmacare by laying out a plan to deliver universal, comprehensive pharmacare to Canadians.

Our plan would cover every Canadian and permanent resident. It would save even families that currently have private drug coverage an average of $550 per year.

It will also save businesses approximately $600 per employee with extended health benefits every year—and it means that all small businesses can feel confident knowing that their employees are able to access the prescription drugs they need.

And it would generate system-wide savings of $4.2 billion.

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