Time for an MP who actually works for us—not the super-rich.

Inequality is on the rise in Canada and those at the top have no idea what life is like for most Canadian families.

Canada’s richest CEOs earn more than 200 times the average income of Canadian workers.

And the super-rich are hiding more than $300 billion in tax havens every year, and using tax loopholes to avoid paying their fair share.

Davenport's Liberal MP protected Canadian billionaires when she voted against a tax on the super-rich.

Imagine a Member of Parliament who actually worked for us—instead of protecting the interests of the rich and powerful.

Alejandra Bravo and Jagmeet Singh's NDP have a plan to close tax loopholes and shut down tax havens, saving Canadians more than $16 billion every year. And a 1% wealth tax on people with over $10 million would ask only the very richest people to pay a little bit more. That’s money we could use to build a fair and just economy—one where Canadians aren't struggling just to make ends meet.

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