Getting Around

There are so many ways to get around in our city - whether you’re taking transit to school or work, biking, driving to visit family, or walking to the store, you deserve to feel safe. Toronto has fallen behind in investing in safe, well-moving streets.

Better Transit

In Davenport, we have so many transit options, with even more to be built - but the fares keep going up, and the service is not always reliable. Alejandra will fight for lower fares and never vote to increase the cost of riding the TTC. And she will work to expand transit service by implementing dedicated bus lanes on Dufferin Street as part of the TTC’s RapidTO plan.


As a cyclist, Alejandra knows firsthand how much more there is to do to make our streets feel safe when you’re on a bike. Alejandra will fight for better cycling infrastructure, including more separated lanes and cycle tracks. 


No one should be afraid to watch their child walk on the sidewalk or cross the street at the lights, but sadly we know that road safety and speeding through residential areas is a concern for many. Alejandra will fight to make our streets safer with more creative traffic-calming solutions, lower speed limits, and more accountability. This will support the vision to make it easier and safer for all, whether you are walking, biking, or driving.


Alejandra will advocate for improved maintenance and will fight to bring more winter servicing in-house, so we aren’t stuck waiting for days for the snowplough after a big storm. And she will work with people in our community to improve on-street parking so that those who need it can access reasonable parking. 

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